Roma Clay Target Club Inc.
Firearm Safety Courses
- To book - Please complete form below and send or contact bookings on 0476 674 514. Thank you -

Please bring a pen, photo I.D. and enclosed shoes. You will be outside for part of the course so please be sun smart.

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If you don't have a USI you will need to obtain one here, https://www.usi.gov.au/   (Click on link to proceed)


(AB) Rimfire rifles, single or double barrel shotguns, paintball guns, air rifles and powerheads (A specialised weapon for use underwater)                Centre-fire rifles (Other than semi-automatic) shotgun/rifle combinations.   

(C)  Semi-automatic or pump action shotguns (Capable of holding 5 rounds or less) and semi-automatic rimfire rifles (Capable of holding               less than 10 rounds.)

(H)  Handguns.